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Hi Friends, We watched the Gajaman movie at Savoy 3D cinema today and sharing our experience with you. For the first time in Sri Lanka, a 3D movie has been released which made used motion capture technology to produce a movie.

Hats off to the whole crew! Gajaman🤘🔥❤️ Really good beginning we invite you to go and watch the movie at any 3D cinema in Sri Lanka Make your reservation at least one day before since it’s difficult to take a ticket these days. If you are coming to savoy make sure to come early since they have fewer packing facility

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“First and foremost I would like to thank you for bringing this kind of a trend to Sri Lanka kudos to the developing team along with Chanaka Perera. I was so crazy about this cartoon when I was a kid. Never thought that one day it would be a major moving film… Congratulations and job well done ..we are utterly amazed and really proud of you guys as Sri Lankan and nice to see that you have invested a lot in this kind of cutting-edge technology most people wouldn’t have done it due to the risk but you guys did it and nailed it… When the film is released we will be waiting at the movie gates…GoodLuck…Keep it up!!!!!”

“What awesome work guys. It’s wonderful to see you guys combined great people with the best tech to make such an amazing piece of art. This will be a huge impact on the Sri Lankan movie and 3D industry. You guys made a turning point and an icon in the industry. Hopeful to see more like this in the future. And more importantly share the experience, tech, and knowledge with people who are interested and talented to make sure this will continue with many hands. Good luck guys. All the best”