Lotus Tower Sri Lanka | Nelum Kuluna Colombo

The lotus tower Sri Lanka (Nelum Kuluna colombo) is open for public since the 15th of September 2022. For the time being there are few flows opens for public such as 29th floor observation deck and 27th floor revolving restaurant.

Its a national symbol of Sri Lanka and its the tallest South Asian tower (350m) building in the world. It has consists of 29 th floor. You can see the fastest elevator system in Sri Lanka at lotus tower.

To complete this project it has estimated USD 113 million and its still not opening for commercial purpose.

Colombo’s skyline the Nelum Kuluna is an iconic landmark that reflects the spirit of a nation.

How to reach lotus tower from Colombo ?

Its just 5 min ride from Colombo fort

Tickets and pricings

You can take tickets from the premises

  • Ticketss – Rs 200/- Age is 10 or below 10
  • Rs 500/- Normal ticket to observation deck –
  • Rs 2000/- Not available

Pricings are as at August 2022 check there official website for more info

What should you bring or not ?

Normally you are allowed to bring cameras and foods for the time I have visited

Facilities in lotus tower Sri Lanka

  • 5G Innovation Centre
  • ESports Arena
  • Wash room available
  • Rooftop Promenade
  • Revolving Restaurant
  • Suites Of Lotus
  • Observation Deck
Tower Mast

3 elevator (high speed) – 49 seconds to the observation deck
2- elevator (medium speed)
3- elevator  (normal speed)

Tower House

1st 7th Floor including Banquet Halls, Revolving Restaurant and Suites

Tower Body

Service Levels, Fire Commandment Floors

Tower Base

Basement Kitchen, Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, Rooftop

Tips for Visiting Colombo Lotus Tower

We can recommend to come to visit lotus tower in the evening time , If you are planning for photography or videography its good to come bit early before crowded

You can park your vehicle in front of the tower at a parking cost


Video Log regarding lotus tower sri lanka ( nelum kuluna )