Pahanthudawa Waterfall Sri Lanka

Pahanthudawa is a unique and lovely creation among the waterfalls of Sri Lanka. The reason for its location and nature, and this waterfall gets its name due to its natural environment. Hence the name Pahanthudawa Falls. Pahanthudawa Waterfall is located in Belihuloya, in the tourist area of Samanalawewa in the Ratnapura district of Sabaragamuwa province in Sri Lanka.

How to go to Pahanthudawa Waterfall from colombo

There are 144.5 km from Colombo to Belihuloya. To get to the Pahanthuda waterfall, take the Colombo – Batticaloa highway from Colombo to Belihuloya. The Pahanthudawa waterfall is located 1.5 km from Belihuloya, It will take about 10 minutes to reach from helihuloya.

Best Time to Visit Pahanthudawa Waterfall

You can go any day during the year to visit Pahanthudawa except rainy days. During the rainy season the trail to the base of the waterfall is slippery and leeches will be a big problem for you.

Hike to Pahanthuda Waterfall

The Pahanthuda waterfall is a tributary of the Belihuloya River. It is known for its breathtaking beauty and its calm and peaceful natural environment. The Pahanthuda waterfall hike takes you through a jungle, making it an exciting adventure for experienced hikers. The waterfall feeds a mini hydroelectric plant that supplies water to the surrounding neighborhood.

The area around the waterfall is rich in biodiversity. This ecosystem consists of various plants and animals. Pahanthudawa is also a picturesque place where you can take amazing photos of yourself.

Bathing in this place is a bit adventurous and dangerous. During heavy rains, the water level in this area rises at the same time within 10 to 15 minutes as the water level rises in the area above the waterfall. Therefore, bathing here is dangerous.

It is the responsibility of all local and foreign tourists to preserve the Pahanthudawa Falls, a beautiful creation of nature.

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