Port City Colombo Sri Lanka

Port City Colombo Sri Lanka will be a new city district for about 70,000 residents and 200,000 workers.

The Objective of the port city Colombo

  • The objectives of Port City as formulated by the Project Company are as follows:  
  • Foster integrated oceanfront living within the CBD to provide high quality of life through world‐class office, residential and recreational spaces that will attract tourists, professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and retirees.
  • Position Colombo as the most livable city in South Asia  
  • To make a regional business hub, a city with a distinct brand with high quality public spaces and infrastructure facilities, attractive to local and international developers and investors
  • To develop a tourism hub with a unique character that reflects the distinctive local culture and the existing urban fabric  
  • Design and build a sustainable urban city space that adapts to local climate, creates a comfortable micro‐climate and make efficient use of energy resources

Port City plan


Port City vitrines sustainable answers for infrastructure, urban development and architecture in a tropical climate.

The initial investment of US$ 1.4 billion and an expected US$ 15 billion overall investment when completed for the port city project.

Final view of the port city Colombo

you can find the computer generated final output of the Colombo port city project