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Pidurangala – Sri Lanka

Pidurangala is a huge rock creation located a little kilometer north of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. It has an exciting history closely linked to that of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Hiking to the top of Pidurangala Rock is more energetic than climbing Sigiriya. If you are fit and adventurous it is a climb worth making. It will take you around two hours.

Pidurangala area has been home base to monks for over 2,500 years who lived in the nearby caves. The area came found importance when King Kasvapa (477 – 495 AD), who built Sigiriya, transferred monks living around Sigiriya Rock to the larger monastery at Pidurangala.

How to reach Pidurangala from Colombo Sri Lanka

from Colombo to Pidurangala its around 180 km journey.

Colombo –> Katunayake –> Giriulla –> Kurunegala –> Dambulla –> Sigiriya –> Pidurangala is the best routing according to the google map


The places that you can see in Pidurangala includes;

  • Old Dageba
  • Chapter House
  • Boodhigaraya
  • Preaching Hall
  • Image House
  • Boundray wall
  • Bikku Residence Building
  • Cave of the Recumbent Buddha Image (On the Pidurangala Rock)
  • Ruins of Dagabas (On the Pidurangala Rock)

Temple – pidurangala

Entrance fee for the foreigners: 3USD

Pidurangala Hike

It takes about one hour to hike Pidurangala Rock, and about a half hour to come back down. Allow time to enjoy those wonderful views.

It’s better to wear hiking boots and a proper dress code is required to enter to the premise.

I can recommend hiking the Pidurangala Rock in the late afternoon because the rock will chunk most of the sun as you make your way up. The best thing is you can catch the sunset from the top (although you’ll have to walk back down in the dark). Another option is to hike early in the morning before the sun gets too hot.

Midway through the hike, you will reach the Pidurangala Temple, which takes you back in time while not quite matching the history of Sigiriya Rock.

Pidurangala Temple

The Royal Cave Temple is survived only by a few remains. A rock wall still stands to show the foundation of what was once a rock temple. A huge reclining Buddha lays inside the temple. It has been reconstructed with bricks but much of the original structure remains.

360 images from google


Sigiriya view – pidurangala

Sun set – pidurangala

Video about Pidurangala

Read more about pidurangala using this link

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