How can you reach Punchi Dambadiva

Along the Colombo->Ratnapura->Pelmadulla->Embilipitiya main highway->near Nonagama Junction off the 22nd km post from Ratnapura.

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The History of Punchi Dambadiva

Punchi Dambadiva/Rathganga Asu Maha Shrawaka Pasvisu Rajamaha Viharaya is located along the Colombo->Rathnapura->Pelmadulla->Embilipitiya main highway->near Nonagama Junction off the 22nd km post from Rathnapura. The Punchi Dambadiva puts itself  in the lap of the Sabaragamuwa Province and it is located near to the holy mountain profiles of Sri Pada/Adam’s Peak.

The replica of Bodhgaya, the same to the Bodhgaya  in India, grandeur and architecture has been has been created for Buddhists to view and venerate.

Dam Saba Mandapaya, is the statue of Lord Buddha in his stance  of Parinibbana at Kusinara Nuwara. The face of statue has been sculpted to three different angles of three different expressions. From one angle, the Buddha is seen with a smiling face, another  expression shows the Buddha’s pain in  exhaling the last breath at the death bed and the final expression shows the Buddha lying in death.

Chief Incumbent of Ven. Gilimale Chandraloka Thera for the benefit of Sri Lankan Buddhists who are unable to afford a pilgrimage to India given the high cost involved.His other aim was to create those very replicas of such places like Buddha Gaya, Kusinara, Lumbini, Jethawanaya, at this Punchi Dambadiva.

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